Rural Diffuse Pollution

Image of Tractor in FieldThe Northumberland Rural Diffuse Pollution Project: This important project has been supported with £242k of funding from the Environment Agency to reduce rural pollution from agriculture, forestry and septic tanks.  It is delivering improvements on the Blyth, Pont, Ogle Burn, Coquet, Belford Burn and Waren Burn between January 2012 and March 2013.

The NRT has appointed George Dodds (formally with the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group) to help deliver the work.  There is close working with Catchment Sensitive Farming, Natural England, and also a fisheries habitat focused project on the Blyth, Pont and Ogle Burns led by the Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

Works are nearing completion on the Coquet, with owrk on the other rivers and streams expected later in the Autumn.

Outputs from the work include sections of fenced off 'buffer strip', new wetlands to settle out silt, features to capture material from farm wash down areas and areas of tree planting.

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