altWe will be delivering some significant work on the Coquet in 2016 funded by the Environment Agency, Coquet Riparian Owners Association and Northumberland Estates.

Improvements already delivered :

2012- Warkworth North Pass Reopened

2013- Warkworth North Pass Middle Boxes completed

2013- Acklington Pass box repairs

2014- Acklington Counter fitted and mods to increase fall through top of pass

2015- Acklington Pass water intake manufactured and prepared for fitting

2015- Amble Weir Fish Easements fitted

2016- Pauperhaugh Bridge Easements fitted

2016- Amble Weir Fish Easements upgraded

2016- Acklington Pass water intake fitted

2016- Tree planting and willow work at Shothaugh

2016- Treatment of Japanese Knotweed at several sites

2017- Tree planting and willow work at Elyhaugh

2017- Follow up treatment of Japanese Knotweed at several sites

2017- Meeting with forestry organisations to manage sediment getting into the river Alwin

2017- Repair of Forestburn Gate Fish Pass

2017-Smolt cover trials & adjustments to Warkworth Weir to combat gull predation

2017- Tree tethering & sidestream walk-overs

2017- Formation of Coquet subgroup

2018- Juvenile cover along lower stretches of the Forestburn

2018- Smolt cover at Weldon Bridge

Numerous :

                   - Additional Habitat days also carried out

                   - Polluse diffusion works

Long term goals :

                    - Sort Caistron Bridge and gravel pits

                    - Forest Burn easements

                    - Invasives control

                    - Amble Weir Long Term Measures

                    - Acklington Dam Solutions

                    - Side Streams works

                    - Weldon Bridge Weir

                    - Guyzance Bridge Weir

                    - Water Quality in side streams

                    -Habitat for juveniles




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