About Us

 Image of NRT teamNorthumberland Rivers Trust:

The Trust is a relatively new organisation that was created in July 2011.  Our aim is to work with others to improve and protect the rivers and streams of Northumberland.  The waterbodies we will focus on are those flowing into the North Sea, North of the Tyne and South of the Tweed. 

We are created as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company number 7713172) and are also a Registered Charity (Charity number 1145188)


Who is involved?

Pete Kerr is the Director of the Trust, and works with the NRT 2 days a week. Pete has now left the Environment Agency  to focus on the NRT and his own design-build company (www.riverworksdesignandbuild.co.uk).

Riverworks specialises in fish passes, willow erosion works, invasive plant treatment and Natural Flood Management. Pete is a civil engineer with 25 years of experience in river engineering.


Shaun Renwick is our Chairman.

Our Trustees are currently John Hogger, Chris Lucas,  Angus Collingwood Cameron, James Jackson, Graham Hodgson, Shaun Renwick and Jennine Jonczyk.


Pete Kerr can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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